Mechanical Engineer


Working for an international company? Want to design constructions, increase efficiency and optimize processes? Get started as a Mechanical Engineer at Titan Projects! A great job in an internationally-oriented company with opportunities.

Titan Projects leads the way in process industry in the field of equipment and system construction in the chemical, petrochemical and food industries. This means that we come up with high-quality solutions in the field of new construction, overhaul, optimization, maintenance and conversion of equipment and installations.

By working openly and transparently, we can achieve the set goals. We will never avoid problems to achieve the result. Our conviction is that working together with the customer provides a long-term and fruitful relationship.

Job description 
Within Titan Projects BV the mechanical engineer is responsible for independent design and calculation of constructions of a complex project or several smaller projects and can be involved in supervising this process. After assignment the mechanical engineer, together with the lead mechanical engineer, is responsible for the realization of the constructive design.

He/she makes design drawings of constructions and parts of this construction for the temporary and final design. Makes design and dimensioning calculations and possible detail calculations. Consults lead mechanical engineer and mainly advices draughts men and project team members about construction-technical matters. He/she occasionally supervises work done by external companies.

The mechanical engineer needs to organize work activities in such a way that the design can be delivered according to planning and specifications. The constructive design also has to meet the quality requirements and procedures of Titan Projects BV and the official inspection authorities of the client.

The mechanical engineer directly operates under and is accountable to the management. For a substantial part of the function he/she is accountable to the lead mechanical engineer, the senior mechanical engineer and/or the project manager.


Tasks and responsibilities

  • The function can generally (but not limited to) be described as follows:
  • Designing and carrying out overall and detail calculations of the construction according relevant standards and specifications from the client;
  • Detailing calculations according the FEM analysis;
  • Making loadline drawings and calculations;
  • Calculating and making general arrangement drawings;
  • Calculating and making main and detail constructive drawings;
  • Helping draughts men with the implementation of the constructive design into production drawings and checking their documents according the construction design and specifications;
  • Taking care of correct use and handling of the applicable regulations and standards and coming with possible solutions for occurring problems;
  • When necessary, offer support to draughts man and/or project manager regarding the constructive design and technical work activities;
  • Providing all project team members with all relevant information;
  • Keeping up with latest rules and standards of pressure equipment.

Job requirements
HTS Werktuigbouw (Mechanical Engineering)
Minimum of 2 years of experience in similar function, good technical knowledge
Dutch and English writing and speaking
AutoCAD Plant 3D (advanced user level), Solid Edge (advanced user level), Femap (advanced user level), Microsoft office.
Ambition, good communication and coordination skills, time-management

We offer
Titan likes to challenge you with interesting assignments! Due to our pleasant working atmosphere and no-nonsense mentality, days fly by. We believe it is important that our employees continue to develop and grow within the company. Annual in-company training courses are organized, but we are also always open to our own initiatives. Of course you can also count on an appropriate salary and good fringe benefits based on a 40-hours working week.

In addition to hard work, we also like to do fun things together, such as winter sports, barbecuing and squashing for an hour every week.

Are you interested? Apply and we will contact you. If you have any questions please contact Arno Reekers. | 0515 746014